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Ostrich Deluxe BLACK Formal Feather~Buy what you need~18-24"

Ostrich Deluxe BLACK Formal Feather~Buy what you need~18-24"


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This is buy what you need minimum 5 feathers  NEW Jet BLACK Deluxe Ostrich Feather Plumes. These Formal Ostrich Feathers are the nice large looking-wide feathers for the Tower vases. They are all from 18-24" long - most are 6-10" wide. The Feathers are a Jet Black Color with a great look to them. You will use less of these in an Eiffel Tower Arrangement because of the size of the feathers. Fill in the tops with shorter Black Ostrich feathers for a full effect. Only 10-15 feathers are needed to fill and a Large Eiffel Tower Vase.

They could be used for renaissance, victorian or other period hats or for a variety of crafts. Since these are a natural product individual feathers vary in size and shape. Please note the Deluxe Feathers are a natural product and do have natural imperfections. We do try to pick out the best to send with each order. The Feathers can be Fluffed with a steamer and can be trimmed if needed for a perfect look.