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Buy 1-11 Large Arrangement Light Plate 7" -23 LEDs-Eiffel Tower Vase

Buy 1-11 Large Arrangement Light Plate 7" -23 LEDs-Eiffel Tower Vase

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This is for 1 to 11 of 7 1/4" NEW Light Plate.

The new Arrangement Light Plates from Six Star Sales. A great new item to enhance the look of any table decor with a Battery Light Plate. They are a shiny Black Plastic that will make your decor look like they are on small pedestal bases. Adding the WATER PEARLS, we sell, really makes clear Vases just stand out.

The Plate Light Base is battery powered, uses 3AA batteries, 23 LED lights installed, that will uplight your centerpieces from its lighted base. It will light any transparent , clear, frosted , colored glass, or more that can refract light that is placed on top of it. Or Just light up the arrangement from underneath. You save on costs by not having to buy a rechargeable sytem, if you plan on using it a few times or if you want to use over just place in new batteries, no charge time needed. Or buy rechargeable batteries and then use them over and over.

Great with Feathers as they let the light show off the style and grace that these arrangements have.

The Plate is made of black plastic and has a diameter of 7 1/4" across and 1 1/4" tall, includes 23 super bright white LEDs. The LEDs are spread across the base for evenly distributed light. These do not have a rechargeable battery pack or a charger. Just replace new batteries for use.

Just press the small button on the side to turn on-off. Will stay lit from 5-6 hours strong and can be up to 8 hours depending on quality of battery used. Can easily hold 25 pounds.

This is just for the Light Plate not any vases, feathers -or any other item used to depict the Light Plate. Batteries not included.

These are not made by Floralyte and are not the Illuminator light base.