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How To Assemble the Eiffel Tower Vase Arrangements-Free Just Copy

How To Assemble the Eiffel Tower Vase Arrangements-Free Just Copy


Assembling Ostrich Feather Centerpieces-FREE-Please print from this page-we will NOT send.

FREE----How to Assemble the Eiffel Tower Arrangement with Ostrich Feathers-


We have sold this Ostrich and Eiffel Tower kits and all supplies for over 12 years. We are the originators and designers of this Wedding and Party Display arrangement kit. While copied by many no one sells the selection of Vases-Lights-Tops-accessories and Ostrich Feathers we have.

Items needed to make Centerpieces.

Eiffel Tower Vases – Tall Hand Blown Glass quality vases available in 5 sizes-12"-16"-20"-24" and 28" tall-In WHITE vases. Our  Eiffel tower vases are heavy and fit our 3-5-10 lights on a string using the small battery pack.

Lights by 3 on a string-we reccomend these lights as they fit in all cases. Place lights inside vase and drop down, you may have to adjust length by twisting wires, this will not be seen. If you want the whole vase lit up add in Water Pearls they spread the light throughout. Place lights in pour in Water Pearls. Leave battery pack outside of vase to turn Off/On. You only need an opening the size of a pencil to fit down in.

Ostrich Feathers -We mainly sell-in White and Black Ostrich Tail Feathers. Tails are the nicest feathers for the budget and we try to buy and pick the best in Tail feathers.  The Tails are available from us in many lengths from 7/10", 10/14" and 13-15" and 15/18" and 17/19" lengths vary in a pack-they are a wide long and after about a 12" length they have a nice droop to the feathers. Tails also in some feathers have a long quill but layered in arranging hides this.

Eiffel Tower Tops - Foam holders are used to hold the ostrich feathers in place. The holders have a stem under the foam which should be placed into the eiffel tower vases, the feathers can be placed with the holder in the vase or out and palced in after done. The stem on the holder can be cut if in the way of the lights. If you want the tops in tight just wrap tape around the stems till tight-may require many wraps to fit-a clear tape or white tape will work. Use the MEDIUM Tops for the 12/16" and the LARGE Tops for the 20-24-28" towers if using feathers.

 12 Eiffel Tower Vase CLEAR 20  12-28

12-16     White 100 Drab Ostrich Feather Eiffel Vase 13-16


INSTRUCTIONS: To make the ostrich feather centerpieces. Examples above. The bottom left picture shows just Floss Feathers and the bottom right shows just the Drab Feathers. Top right shows over 40 Drab feathers per 20" frosted white vase.

Place the feathers into your foam tops, if you have to cut the quills cut at an angle, with scissors. Start with a bottom row and place in around the holder, an odd number is beat and then layer up. Use the larger feathers towards the bottom and the smaller as you reach the top, mixing different types of Ostrich feathers enhances the arrangement.. Finally, place your Light Ups into your vase pointing down if they don’t go all the way to the bottom of the vases or some up if they do. The feathers will give the desired look  by adding in the Floss Feathers and mixing with the Drab Feathers or just using one of the types. Turn on the Light Ups when ready to set out. The Feathers can be fluffed up by lightly blowdrying and shaking.

Frequently asked QUESTIONS?

Can more of all items be puchased?

Yes Feathers-tops-towers and lights can be bought from Six Star Sales but minimum amounts are set for each item. Vases are only sold in cases of 12- we have learned with many cases shipped that breakage rarely occurs in solid cases but greatly increases with odd amounts.

How tall should my centerpieces be? For savings buy smaller vases and palce on a small pedestal for height.

The vases we have are 20"or 24" or 28" in height to avoid obstruction of guest view depending on your budget and look desired. We do have a small amount at times of 16" too.

How many feathers do I need for each vase?

In our kits we give from 15-25 feathers per vase and more can be bought. For a fuller look, you can use as many as 40. The feathers can be mixed, different sizes and need to be arranged by layering.

MAKE the arrangements the night before if using just Drab Feathers - gives them time to fall and droop a little-feathers can be lightly blow dried to fluff also.

How many Lights should I use in each vase?    Use our 3/5/10lights on a string the 5/10 lights on a stringare micro lights. The 3 light is brightest of all lights. All use the small battery packs and are on thin wires. They are not reqired but are impressive! And again the lights will fit in the vases.

How long will the Lights last? And yes batteries are included in Lights.

Regular Use- Lasts 8/12 hours continously on, but ours have an off-on switch.
Underwater Use- Lasts approx. 6-8 hours. If batteries get wet may not be able to switch off until dry though.

NEW Water Pearls to REALLY Light up your vases!

What a look-Clear Water Pearls and colored lights light up and bounce the light around to fill vases with light, place the light ups inside the vase at the top and point down, use more lights if taller vases.

Finished look?

The finished look can vary depending on designers ability to arrange, quantity and style of feathers used, look may not be exact as picture but a similar type of arrangement can be achieved.

Using the centerpieces again?

All set-ups- can be used for other parties and events. Many other tops can be used-silk flowers-Fresh flowers and more. These are NOT just for Weddings!!!



Copyright © 2008-15 Six Star Sales--Please note we will not send nor sell these directions- They may be reprinted and used if you purchase supplies from Six Star Sales for this arrangement-any other copying will be considered theft and dealt with!!