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#1 Solar 102 LED String Garden Lights Indoor/Outdoor

#1 Solar 102 LED String Garden Lights Indoor/Outdoor

Category: SOLAR Lights


This is for 1 set of 102 Solar CLEAR string lights lights with Green wire the lights are not changeable and if one does go out they will still work. Yes they have 102 lights.

These are a 8 Function Solar Light. 1.Steady On-2.Fast-3.Slow Twinkling-4.Slow Falsing in series-5. Slow Falshingin reverse series- 6.Fast Falsh in Series- 7.Slow Flashing in Series followed by Reverse Series- 8. Off

They have 2 switches on back of Solar Panel-Red for on/off and Green for Mode-PLEASE read directions careful to set the function you want. Set and do not turn off the lights they will stay the same function once it is set you do not turn off the Red button, they will only come on at night so turning off is off, and you will have to reset to your function you like again, always leave in on Position.

These are Solar powered for low maintenance, environmentally friendly, & an energy saver. ONE solar string light with 102 extra bright white leds (solar panel & ground stake included). The set includes a 1.2V 1200 mAH rechargeable Ni-MH battery. Solar Panel is 2v, 140mA and with new technology is small and compact. The length of the lights on at night is directly related to the amount of light in the Day. I use these at home myself and during the summer months they lasted 10 hours at night in Southern California, on a foggy day they are on less. Can be used outside in Cold Weather-to at least 0. Also can be used inside just put the Solar Panel in a Sunlit window. The String is approxmately 34 feet with 4 inches of spacing between the leds. There is a 10 ft. lead from Solar Panel to first light.

WHATS Included-

One (1) Solar Panel is 2v, 140mA

One (1) 1.2V 1200 mAH rechargeable Ni-MH battery.

One (1) Ground stake + extras.

One (1) Screws to attach base down.

One (1) Operators Instructions