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Battery LED 35~BLUE~StrawBerry Faceted Fairy Light-3AA (1 set)

Battery LED 35~BLUE~StrawBerry Faceted Fairy Light-3AA (1 set)



This is for 1 set of NEW Battery LED Bright BLUE StrawBerry Lights.

LED Faceted Strawberry lights are beautiful, bright, and can be used anywhere you do not have a plug. The bulbs are durable and long lasting. They also resist fading, stay cool to the touch, and when one goes out, the rest stay lit! 35 BLUE C6 LED Strawberry Lights, Life Rating is 25,000 hours. If one light goes out, the rest stays lit. There is a 18" lead and 3 1/2" between each light and 13.1 feet length. The lights are @ 1/2" diameter and 1 1/2" long. Green Wire.

The Lights use 3AA batteries and should last 60+ hours. With an easy on-off switch.Very durable and hardy - no filament to break. The bulbs generate virtually NO HEAT making them very safe. They have fuse bulb technology - if one goes out all the others remain lit