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Ostrich Feathers -How To Arrange-Eiffel Tower Vases

Six Star Sales—How to Assemble the Eiffel Tower vase arrangements. *On receipt of order take feathers out and arrange in piles by size. Separate into equal piles of same size feather, depending on amount of vases received or plan to use if you have your own. Such as; 60 feathers one size for 12 vases is 5 per vase, multiple sizes means make many piles to get. *Once you have your piles then put the quill ends of the largest ostrich feathers into your foam bouquet holder.

Starting at the bottom, use longest feathers first, move around the holders in a circular motion and upward direction, each layer a smaller feather, until you reach the top unless you have all same size.

*When you use our 3 lights in a vase string. Place lights inside vase, Twisting light cord to desired height in vases for lights. Hold small battery pack outside top of vase to turn off and on. If lights in water keep battery pack outside.

*Place the stem of the foam bouquet holder holding the feathers into the vase. If the tops handle needs trip it is ok to make smaller.

*For an even more stunning effect, you may want to place water pearls in after you place lights down to spread the lights throughout the vase and make them shine all over the vase.

FINISHED LOOK,The finished look can vary depending on designers ability to arrange, quantity and style of feathers used, look may not be exact as picture but a similar type of arrangement can be achieved. Get help if needed. Secret is to layer feathers. Copyright;,.net,.org Thank you for your purchase.

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